Don’t leave your iPad on the driveway then drive over it.

At a photography conference, lining up to get in to the first session, Peter Lindbergh, and this…

Breakfast with Wellsy.

My little Dorothy.

Project Dorothy Shoes.

Power lines down in a local street. Can’t get in or out of my street.

Tonics and gin. On the way to Melbourne to see a Nick Cave gig.

About to be on a panel at an education conference. Taking about what the future holds.

Sangría en la tarde.

Another grade one book.

Digger Helps Out. A book I read at school in grade one.

I’m out. There’s a small amount of stuff I like and it’s sooo long between seasons that I go months without watching anything on Netflix. Maybe I’ll come back in 2020 for two months when there’s something new to watch.

Paw patrol cookies.

Holiday reading with uncle Johno.

Morning maths lesson, learning about levers and the relationship between weight and fulcrum length.

Very quiet “office” this arvo.

Hello Fresh.


Best slime ever! Thanks Granny.

Charlotte in a tree.

One of my favourites

Kyoga Fish for dinner. So good.

Yummy orange juice.

A sick Little Monkey snuggling with Lily.

Yep, level 5.

Warm feet

Shadow selfie

Level 5 vegan.